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ISO 22000:2018

ISO 22000 It specifies that the existing and potential hazards should be analyzed and determined throughout the food chain, the control points and measures should be determined, the system implementation, monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the results should be updated in line with changes in internal and external conditions.HACCP standards are generally used by food producers; In addition to ISO 22000 food producers, food, which supplies storage and transportation services with materials, equipment, chemical suppliers including sectors such as raw  material suppliers, animal feed producers, food contact packaging producers, food industry chemical manufacturers, food transport companies, food warehouses, The sector is also used by the supplier companies for documentation purposes. Food Chain: The name given to the whole of the supply stages from raw material to production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution and market in the production of foodstuffs.


These are indirect and direct organizations that can be certified under the ISO 22000 standard.

A) Organizations,

  1. Farmers,
  2. Harvesters,
  3. Feed producers,
  4. Food ingredient manufacturers,
  5. Food producers,
  6. Food sellers,
  7. Food services,
  8. Ready-to-eat companies,
  9. Organizations providing cleaning and sanitation services,
  10. Carriers, warehousing and distribution organizations, etc.

B) Indirect organizations

  1. Equipment providers,
  2. Cleaning and sanitation agents,
  3. Packing materials
  4. Establishments that produce food and other items that are in contact with it.

WHY ISO 22000?

  • Increase in Product Marketing Power
  • Increased Confidence in Product Safety
  • A Systematic Approach to Detect and Solve Problems.
  • Provides Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reduces costs, increases profitability.
  • It is an effective method to provide food safety.
  • Ensures Team Work, Staff Consciousness and Participation.
  • Through ISO 22000 certification, demonstrating to your customers what you value in food safety and increasing market share


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