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TQA offers all the services of all relevant persons / institutions / organizations can benefit.

TQA management, the importance of impartiality in making the certification and inspection activities have been announced to the entire audit team and office staff and provide insights.

TQA senior management will affect the certification decision does not make a positive or negative direction and influenced studies.

Certification and inspection services for organizations requesting TQA, or payment of fees does not mean that they are entitled to certification.

TQA management system, hazard analysis, inspection activities and to offer counseling and / or will not provide.

TQA the certification and any information that belongs to all organizations that provide inspection services, documents, and will remain confidential and any information, documents, and security will be provided.

Consulting our external auditors who tqa’s neutrality, it will not be allowed to not interfere with the independence of in-house applications.

Certification activities, management systems do not provide in connection with the activities of the consulting firm and is not marketed.

All the staff and management units in working for the last two years of doing consulting in system setup it can not participate in the certification process.

TQA Employees, committees, auditors and technical experts will apply the principles of full and complete objectivity and confidentiality. This has been taken to guarantee, signed under the contract.

Certification decision, and people who work in the call control is given by a competent person.

TQA, the conditions did not come in place of neutrality does not make certification.

Our management system, our financial management, Policy, we will apply our working principles of the Declaration, without compromising all this and we are committed.

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