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established on 2011 year in Konya and service as training and certification body according to Turkey laws and accredited by IAS – International accreditation Services. Our founding philosophy; quality, standardization, certification, testing and reliability of the measurement area to check compliance with European standards and certification cases for the production and operating in the service sector firms. As TQA; for firms to increase their competitiveness effectively, meet specific training needs and we have the principle to provide effective certification services issues according to European directives and standarts. We belive that we can provide quality, fast and reliable certification service with in the structure of our company the experience and crackerjack lead auditors

Our Vision
Reliable, honest work ethic and superior service quality and the industry to be among the top 5 companies.

Our Mission
Supervising agencies and their employees to develop,
Information based on generating and sharing information to provide value-creating education,
All the organizations we serve information security, privacy and to comply with moral rules.

Quality Policy

  • All manufacturing and service sectors, cost-competitive, independent and impartial third party to provide certification services.
  • Sectoral requirements also provide consistent controls into consideration.
  • Continuously improve value-added services and new standards and applications quickly to provide customers by integrating their systems,
  • Legal, customers and other requirements to adequately and to comply with satisfactory
  • All safe in our processes, healthy and reliable company to be to take all the necessary measures for this purpose quality, environment, occupational health and safety, information security and customer satisfaction management systems implementation
  • Environmental impact our pollution prevention checking and conduct studies on the prevention of accidents taking measures for danger,
  • Be a firm long-term planning to come and perform,
  • Emphasis of our employees to improve their education and skills,
  • To continuously improve quality in accordance with the terms of our system and develop emerging technologies.
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