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Training :
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor Training

Training Objective:
Quality Management Systems is an education developed to provide knowledge and skills for second-party and third-party auditors and to train chief auditors. This training is organized with the aim of providing both qualification and knowledge and skills for secondary industry and certification auditors. The training provides the participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective supervision in an interactive environment. With this training you will have taken the first step in your career in auditing and chief auditing. All certification bodies treat this training as a prerequisite for the appointment of auditors and chief auditors. Beyond that, the most important factor is that you will be able to control yourself after the training you have attended, and that you will have the knowledge and skills to provide it.

Target Group:
Medium and high-level employees, anyone interested in quality can participate in this training.

Exemplar Global (RABQSA)

Training Time:
40 hours (5 days)

Training Content:
1st and 2nd Day: AU Module – “Management Systems Audit”
Date of Quality, QMS & QMS documentation
Continuous improvement
Standards & ISO 9001
Control process
Communication skills
Auditor’s role, responsibilities and skills
Question development
ISO 19011
Audit plans and oversight
Audit reports and corrective actions
Auditor techniques
Process-based audit and sampling

3rd and 4th Day: QM Module – “Quality Management Systems Audit”
New changes in ISO 9001: 2001 standard
Recent developments
Acceptable exclusions & coverage
Quality management principles
Elements of ISO 9001 (detailed explanations)
Integrated management systems.

Day 5: TM Module – “Management of System Monitoring Tools”
Certification process
Auditor skills and abilities
Inspector code
Legal / ethical aspect of audit
Audit Codes

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