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ISO/IEC 27001:2013

The information security standard defines the requirements for establishing the information security management system of the institutions. It requires the assessment of all information assets of your organization and a risk analysis that takes into account the vulnerabilities and threats that these assets have. The institution should choose a risk management method and prepare a plan for risk handling. The ISO 27001 standard defines items that must be included in an information security system that is living with itself, thus reacting to threats and attacks and renewing itself. In accordance with the approach defined in ISO 27001, it is necessary to operate information security as a process and as a cycle of process planning, implementation, control and precaution. A living and self-renewing information security system is only possible with this turn-of-the-day operation.

WHY ISO / IEC 27001?

  • Making the difference of ınformation assets: what ınformation assets are established, the difference between value.
  • Protecting preserved assets: determine and protect protecting methods and protecting methods.
  • Business continuity: guarantees work for many years. ın addition, in the event of a disaster, it will be able to
  • Continue to work.
  • Being in peace with relevant parties: to be a supplier in particular, to win the trust of related parties from the
  • Protection of information.
  • Protects the information with a system, does not leave it by chance.
  • Evaluates customers better than their competitors.
  • Increases employee motivation.
  • Prevent legal ınsights
  • Provides high reputation
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