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  • The organization’s promotional publications, official documents available on or brochures.
  • On packaged goods, to indicate that it belongs to the document management system can not be used with an expression product. (Example: ‘This product quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 is manufactured in a facility certified according to the standard.’)
  • Unavailable on the product. (Product, which can be touched directly or package can be a product available for container)
  • TQA – IAS logo in the specified form, color, size (proportionally) and is available on a white background.
  • TQA – IAS logo, in line with the certified management system, available by selecting any one of the examples of the logo.
  • Logo size, proportions shrunk by being constant can be enlarged.
  • TQA – IAS logo are used under approval of the Certification Department regarding the shape will be used.
  • Commercial and corporate logos, but it can be used together with the certificate number. The certificate number must be learned and the Certification Directorate.
  • TQA – IAS logo is given to organizations related document at the time of delivery. Also logo can be accessed via our website.
  • Certified companies are TQA – IAS logo can only be used in the areas of activities within the scope of the document. TQA – used in the document, such as the IAS logo product or activity area outside the scope of the document.
  • if taken to document the suspension or cancellation of the institutions should stop using the logo.
    Certified organizations, after receiving the documents, is obliged to comply with these instructions shall continue as long as the document’s validity.
  • These instructions and suspended the certificates of organizations which do not fulfill the conditions laid down or cancellation of these procedures.
  • In case of cancellation of your document, use your organization’s documents are official institutions and your company will remain valid for use in the tender advertisement for the publication of official documents or introduction brochures, available in the product packaging.